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6 Surprising Uses of Aluminium

6 Surprising Uses of Aluminium

As the most widely used non-ferrous metal, it is no surprise that aluminium can be found in many objects we encounter in our daily lives. However, apart from the more common uses of aluminium in drink cans, foil and roofing, did you know that aluminium has other uses as well? Below, we highlight 6 little known uses of aluminium.

1. Paint

Image by United Soybean Board via Flickr

Powdered aluminium is used in paint, that is used to coat the surfaces of metals and wood, giving it a shiny finish due to the pearlescent effect of the alumina flakes.

2. Glass

Image by Kainet via Flickr

Aluminium, or more specifically aluminium oxide, is a key ingredient in the production of glass. Oxide glass, which contains 90% alumina, is used in creating optic fibres.

3. Guitars

Image by Sellenman via Wikimedia Commons

Although guitars are commonly made using maple or walnut wood, certain models feature aluminium-reinforced necks, giving it a distinctive sound.

4. Cosmetics

Image by Andres Hernandez via Wikimedia Commons

Aluminium oxide can be found in cosmetic and personal care products such as sunscreen, blushers and lipsticks. It is used as an abrasive, as well as a form of absorbent to prevent caking.

5. Pyrotechnics

Image by Thomas Hawk via Wikimedia Commons

Aluminium powder is used as a pyrotechnic colourant, to give a silvery-white colour to fireworks and coloured fires. Aluminium flakes are also used as fuel for pyrotechnics, along with other substances.

6. Coins

Image by Bogdan Giușcă via Wikimedia Commons

Although copper and other metal alloys are typically used in the production of coins, aluminiumand aluminium-copper alloy coins from countries such as France, Poland and Israel have been issued.


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