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Industrial Uses of Aluminium Sheets

Industrial Uses of Aluminium Sheets

The uncomplicated process of passing aluminium between rolls under pressure, where the aluminium will become thinner and longer in the direction in which it is moving, is the basis for producing aluminium sheets. As the most widely used form of industrial aluminium, aluminium sheets are used in the applications of automotive, packaging, heavy machinery, construction and aviation, to name a few. Plain processed aluminium sheets are acquired by all of aluminium industry’s major markets to be used for a variety of uses.




Heavily used in the automotive industry for its lightweight property, aluminium sheets are playing an important role in the making of vehicles as the world emphasises on increasing fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. Commonly used in the bonnet, structural parts as well as body panels of vehicles, aluminium sheets have the ability to reduce weight at the front end of the vehicles, thereby providing higher acceleration that can minimise a vehicle’s fuel consumption and subsequently improve the fuel economy. In so doing, the safe and cost efficient lightweight aluminium sheets are deemed the ideal material for automotive use. Aluminium sheets are also used in the building of vehicles’ doors, boot lids, roofs and etc.




Comprising 75-80% of a modern aircraft, aluminium sheets have been proven to be the key manufacturing material in aviation as they are strong, light and flexible. Aluminium allows engineers to build a plane that is as light as possible with the maximum possible capacity. Additionally, aluminium is also fuel-efficient and anti-corrosion. Aluminium sheets are used in literally every part of a modern aircraft, including wing panes, fuselage, feeding blocks, doors, ball bearings, engine turbines and etc.




Having the ability to form any shape makes aluminium sheets the most versatile packaging material ever. Moreover, aluminium sheets can be fully recycled and reused, and they also provide the greatest protection against bacteria, liquid and sunlight exposure. As aluminium sheets are non-toxic, they are therefore most widely used in the food industry as food containers, bottle caps, medication packaging, wine stoppers and etc. with the purpose of protecting the food.


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